New Release: Crochet Inspired Embroidery

May 31, 2020

New Release: Crochet Inspired Embroidery

Sharon Schamber Embroidery

Blog Post - 05/31/2020

3000 - Demo - Free Stitch Files

Free Crochet Inspired Embroidery Files to Test


This month we are giving away three of Sharon's wonderful Crochet Inspired Embroidery stitch files.

Download your own copy and test them out for yourself.

On Sale Now!!
$50 to $60 off everything!!

About two years ago Sharon, a lifelong crocheter, was relaxing after a long day of work and decided to start another crochet project. But, this time would be different. This time she would finish it. She began to draw the crochet designs with a pencil and paper and working out how she would do the knots.

While she was designing her new crochet she began to wonder, "Could this be done on an embroidery machine?"

After spending thousands of hours digitizing and well over 300,000 yards of thread, Sharon was able to finally complete her first crochet project ever.

Sure she had to design a brand new way to use an embroidery machine to create her crochet. And yes, Sharon had to learn how to digitize embroidery all on her own. Sure it's true that Sharon had to design the engineering so that her crochet units could actually support each other without being ripped apart, but now we have the most revolutionary embroidery designs to come out in decades. Who else but Sharon Schamber could have turned sketches of crochet designs into something as beautiful as crochet inspired embroidery?

What started out as a simple idea to have 5 to 10 units to make up a single Crochet Inspired Embroidery design quickly evolved into 68 to 100 units. The Crochet Inspired Embroidery gives you the flexibility of creating nearly an infinite variety of layouts, borders, and settings. To support you on this new creative jourmey, we produced online classes, layout guides, printable unit lists, and much more. Come check out our new YouTube channel Sharon Schamber Embroidery and watch all of the brand new classes that will guide you through Crochet Inspired Embroidery. Be sure to subscribe to be the first to know when new videos/classes are available. Some videos are linked at the bottom of this email.

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Neil Atkin

Featured Customer Project:

Crochet Inspired Emboridery - Helen Cushing

We would like to send out a big "Thank You" to
Helen Cushing.

Helen was the second person to purchase a Crochet Inspired Embroidery design and the first, that we know of, to actually stitch one out.

We appreciate your many years of support and your willingness to take a chance on a brand new project. Good luck with your quilt design incorporating Crochet Inspired Embroidery and keep sending us updates.

Our Brand New
Crochet Inspired Embroidery Designs

3001 - Square - Crochet Inspired Embroidery $140.00

Assembling Your Crochet Inspired Embroidery

Tying Off Your Bobbin Thread
The Engineering Behind Crochet Inspired Embroidery

Getting Thread Tension Right using Your Towa Gauge

New Embroidery Hooping by Sharon Schamber
Featuring FOSSHAPE® 300

Washing Your Crochet Inspired Embroidery Block

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A Better Look at Crochet Inspired Embroidery

June 08, 2020

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