Video Class - New Embroidery Hoop

New Embroidery Hooping by Sharon Schamber
Featuring FOSSHAPE® 300

One of the most vital aspects needed to create accurate Crochet Inspired Embroidery is secure and accurate hooping.

Traditional hooping just doesn't allow for enough control in the stitching area. With this new hooping technique and FOSSHAPE® 300 you will be able to create an environment in the hooping area that grants you control in every way possible.

FOSSHAPE® 300 is available for purchase at Purple Daisies Quilting.

FOSSHAPE® 300 is a unique felt-like fabric that is heat activated to achieve rigidity, stiffness, and surface enhancement without the use of water, messy or hazardous additives.

Class Supply List:

  • FOSSHAPE® 300: Enough to cover your whole hoop plus four inches in every side.
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Hot Iron
  • Utility Knife or Rotary Cutter
  • Pressing Cloth